Mike Bartels

Mike Bartels is the Vice President of Administration at Messmer Catholic Schools. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from UW-Platteville and a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Cardinal Stritch University. Mike joined the Choice Schools Association board in 2015. Early on Mike recognized a need for an organization that supports schools by providing workshops that address best practices and practical discussions about important educational and administrative topics. When the Choice Schools Association merged with School Choice Wisconsin Action to create the Choice Schools Quality Committee Mike felt it was necessary that this important work continue. It is exciting to see the group come together, discuss topics that are important to the success of schools participating in Wisconsin’s school choice programs, and to provide meaningful support to administrators and teachers.

Stefanie Herbert

Stefanie Herbert currently serves as an instructional coach for the Center for Urban Teaching.  Herbert works with many different schools in and around Milwaukee by developing and supporting teachers.  Herbert volunteered for the school quality committee because she believes all students deserve access to high performing teachers and great schools.  She is committed to being part of the change we would all like to see in our city.

Michael Derrick

Michael Derrick is the Principal of Mary Queen of Saints Catholic Academy, a Seton Catholic School.  MQSCA participates in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, Wisconsin Parental Choice Program and Special Needs Scholarship Program.  Derrick proudly serves the MQSCA team which was awarded Exemplary Recognition from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for Academic Excellence in 2017-18. Derrick chose to serve on the quality committee for School Choice Wisconsin Action because he believes that all parents should have the opportunity to send their children to a school that aligns with their values and beliefs.  The choice quality committee is dedicated to help schools of choice effectively serve students, families and communities.

Ed Rueter

Ed Rueter is a Senior Certified Public Accountant providing assurance services at CliftonLarsonAllen in Milwaukee. Rueter specializes in providing accounting, auditing and consulting services in the Not-for-Profit industry with a particular interest in private schools and schools participating in Wisconsin’s school choice programs. He was previously a high school teacher in Economics and History for over 5 years and brings a strong education background to all his clients. He holds a Master of science degree in accounting from the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in education from the University of Stevens Point, WI.

Lori Saqer
Messmer Catholic Schools, Inc.
Director of Business Operations

Lori Saqer is the Director of Business Operations at Messmer Catholic Schools, Inc. As a former auditor of schools participating in Wisconsin’s parental choice programs and other non-profit organizations, Saqer has gained a deep understanding of the importance of having the business operations of a school functioning well and following best practices of the education industry. Since coming to work at Messmer Catholic Schools Inc., Saqer is now in the position of preparing for the auditors and implementing rather than recommending the best business and accounting practices. Saqer volunteered for the SCW Quality committee because she enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with other schools and feels it is important to do what she can to help ensure that all children have access to a quality education.